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Discover the tech behind the record-breaking $10 million horse sale

Programmable Soda redefined the Inglis Easter Yearling Sale with a revamped website, ensuring seamless live auction feeds and real-time updates, culminating in a historic $10 million sale.

How Programmable Soda Enhanced the Inglis Yearling Sale Experience

How Programmable Soda Enhanced the Inglis Yearling Sale Experience

In the world of thoroughbred racing, the Inglis Easter Yearling Sale is a pinnacle event, attracting global attention with top pedigree horses going under the hammer. This year, the sale reached an unprecedented climax as Winx's only living foal was sold for a world record $10 million. Behind the scenes, Programmable Soda, a leader in web development, played a pivotal role in transforming this traditional auction into a dynamic online experience.

For the past 15 years, Programmable Soda has partnered with Inglis to provide innovative web solutions that drive their auction platform. The past nine months, however, have been a whirlwind of intensive redevelopment and enhancement. Our team undertook the colossal task of rebuilding the website’s underlying framework from scratch, ensuring that every component was optimized for speed, reliability, and user engagement.

Our latest overhaul introduced a robust system capable of handling live auction feeds, providing near-real-time updates to global audiences. This was not just about enhancing user experience; it was about revolutionizing how auctions are conducted in the digital age. The seamless integration of live streaming and bidding functionalities meant that buyers could participate in the auction from anywhere in the world, without a hitch.

The 2024 Easter Yearling Sale was our platform's ultimate test, showcasing our newly implemented features under the pressure of high stakes and immense traffic. The result was nothing short of spectacular. As bids for Winx’s foal soared to record-breaking heights, our system flawlessly managed the influx of data, maintaining integrity and real-time responsiveness. This allowed for a transparent and exhilarating bidding war that culminated in the historic $10 million sale.

Programmable Soda's bespoke web solutions empowered Inglis to not only reach but engage a global audience, turning what could have been a traditional auction into an inclusive and thrilling event. Our platform ensured that every viewer, regardless of their location, felt as if they were right there in the ring, experiencing the tension and excitement of each bid.

As we celebrate this incredible milestone, our focus remains steadfast on the future. The success of the Inglis Easter Yearling Sale is a testament to the potential of innovative web development in transforming industries. Programmable Soda is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is possible, ensuring that our clients like Inglis lead the way in their respective fields.

This event has set a new standard for online auctions, and as we continue to refine and innovate our technologies, we look forward to bringing more groundbreaking solutions to the market. Programmable Soda isn’t just building websites; we are building experiences that connect, engage, and inspire.

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