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Queerswich Ignites with its Inaugural LGBTQI+ Celebration

June 4, 2023, saw Ipswich's vibrant LGBTQI+ community out in full force for the inaugural Queerswich event. A joyous fusion of music, performance, storytelling, and canine couture, this celebration of diversity and unity was a triumphant first, setting high expectations for future Queerswich gatherings

Love Wins in Ipswich

Love Wins in Ipswich

Today marked an important day in the history of Ipswich's LGBTQI+ community as the city hosted its inaugural Queerswich event. The local community turned up in droves to celebrate diversity and acceptance. The event was meticulously organised by Jules and Rach, who created a safe and enjoyable space for both queer and non-queer individuals within the Ipswich community.

From the moment one stepped foot in Tulmur Place, the venue was teeming with energy, colour, and a spirit of unity that was truly infectious. The air was filled with the scent of good food, the sounds of laughter and chatter, and a palpable sense of camaraderie that echoed the shared values of diversity, respect, and acceptance. It was a day where love outshone everything else, and it was beautiful.

The event showcased a rich tapestry of local talent, providing a platform for artists and performers from the community to take centre stage. Among the highlights of the day was a spirited performance by Damien and his band Stan. Their music resonated through the venue, providing a melodic backdrop for the day’s proceedings.

Meanwhile, a special treat for the attendees was the glamorous and larger-than-life performances by local drag artists. Acts such as Dancing With The Queens and Palace Ipswich set the stage ablaze with their fabulous lip-sync performances. These talented performers captivated the crowd, bringing a sense of spectacle and infectious joy that kept everyone entertained.

Adding an extra layer of charm and humour to the event was Fran Mulcahy, whose delightful anecdotes and commentary provided both entertainment and a sense of community. Fran’s stories served as a powerful reminder of the diversity of experiences within the LGBTQI+ community, highlighting the strength, resilience, and spirit of its members.

A particularly heartwarming segment of the day was the Pride Puppy Pageant, which saw over 20 furry friends take part. The pet owners, donned in rainbow-themed attire, paraded their adorable canines who were also dressed to the nines. This addition brought an element of fun and family-friendliness to the proceedings, reinforcing the idea that Queerswich was indeed an event for everyone.

Adding to the festive atmosphere was an array of stalls and food trucks dotted throughout Tulmur Place. Local businesses, such as Imbibis and The Golden Bone Bakery, lent their support, serving mouth-watering samples that had attendees and their K9 friends lining up for more. Their participation showcased their commitment to supporting both local events and the LGBTQI+ community. And inclusive groups like the Brisbane City Rollers also livened up the atmosphere further.

The success of the event was a testament to the efforts of Jules and Rach, whose dedication to fostering a sense of community and inclusivity shone through every aspect of Queerswich. The response from the attendees was overwhelmingly positive, with many already expressing their excitement for next year’s event.

As the sun set on Queerswich, one thing was clear: the inaugural event was more than just a celebration; it was a statement. It was Ipswich coming together to stand up for acceptance, diversity, and mutual respect. Jules and Rach deserve a standing ovation for their relentless efforts in bringing this vision to life.

As we look forward to Queerswich 2024, we are reminded of the importance of such events in building and maintaining a vibrant, inclusive, and supportive community. The inaugural Queerswich event was not just a milestone for the LGBTQI+ community in Ipswich, but it also served as an example for communities everywhere. It

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