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Local web developer's unethical SEO practises are a shortcut to digital disaster

A local trusted web developer might be jeopardising your site’s ranking with unethical SEO practises. Learn how to spot these tactics before your online presence suffers.

SEO Deceit: Is Your Web Developer's Trickery Risking Your Rank?

SEO Deceit: Is Your Web Developer's Trickery Risking Your Rank?

I wanted to chat about something that’s been bugging me in our web development community. Recently, we found a well-known Ipswich web development company we thought was above board was actually playing the system—linking their clients' sites together in a big web to trick search engines. It's like finding out a friend has been gossiping about you; it just doesn't feel good.

Not All Links Are Created Equal

We all know that website outbound links are like the internet's version of word-of-mouth. They should come from a good place, like when you recommend your favourite coffee shop to a friend. But when a web developer uses your site to link to another business website without telling you, it's more than sneaky—it's a breach of trust that can seriously harm your online reputation. This kind of trickery not only betrays client trust but also risks your site's standing with search engines. Google's algorithms are getting sharper by the day, penalising these sneaky tactics hard. The result? You might see your site drop in rankings, or in the worst case, get completely de-indexed. It definitely happens!

The Developer You Choose Is a Reflection of Your Business

When you team up with a developer, you're trusting them with your online reputation. They should be building your site to stand tall on its own, not propping up other clients of your web developers business without your say-so. It's about finding someone who values your business as much as you do—someone who understands that clients pay for a service expecting their website to stand on its own merits, not to serve as a hidden booster for someone else's business. When that fundamental trust is broken, it's not just a bad look; it's digital sabotage.

Good Business Takes Time

At Programmable Soda, we're all about doing things the right way, even if it takes a little longer. Good SEO, like good business, isn't built overnight. It’s like brewing a great beer or aging a fine wine—it takes patience and know-how, and you can't rush it. We're here to build something with you that’s going to stand the test of time, not just shoot to the top of Google today and fall off tomorrow.

So, when you're looking to partner up with a web developer, think about what really matters. It's not just about who can get you to the top the fastest; it's about who's going to help you stay there, honestly and ethically.

Let's keep things genuine and keep looking out for the folks that want to do right by your business.

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